Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don Diablo & Diplo-Make You Pop(Julian Benasis Remix)/ Julian Benasis-The Illist

Alright, so basically this is really just a mash up/remix i did, the tune when released on my mixtape "The Beginning" will be called "The Illist", It'll be a tad bit different, the don diablo/diplo remix will also be on it along with other remixes but more originals, Enjoy! FYI "The Beginning" mixtape will be released sometime late September! Keep an eye out and Stay tuned!
-Julian Benasis

New Track/ Diplo remix up in 30 minutes

OK! so, Ive finished my new track "The Illist", just putting the final touches in the mastering process. Going to do a Diplo mash up on this one too, couldnt pass it up, I'm sure you'll all enjoy. :) anyways the uploads commin shortly, hang in there :P

-Julian Benasis

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"The Illist"

starting this new project, which i promise you all is guaranteed to get the clubs jumping, dont expect less.

-Julian Benasis Okay!!

That track is up :P... "The Beginning" mixtape sneak peak, check it

OK! New preview for whats to come on "The Beginning" mixtape, check it out on either soundcloud or youtube, choose whatever, and hope you enjoy :) put lots of work into this one! check it
Julian Benasis-Swag Like a Martian

more new music launching really soon, staying up late in the studio tonight working on a goodie, gonna be a great project, cant wait to finish. stay tuned. :)

Swag like a martian promo commin in 30

About to release the Swag Like a Promo! Live in 30 :P