Tuesday, August 31, 2010


3 New Tracks complete, in the sound editing process though...previews will be up soon!

Julian Benasis-Bottles on the Floor(Original Mix)
Julian Benasis-In the Club(Original Mix)
Julian Benasis-Swag Like a Martian(Original Mix)

putting in some sound work :) up soon

Some soundcloud tracks! :)


released a while  ago, but still some good tunes. check them out hope you enjoy :P

A change in the mixtape...

So basically I've come to the conclusion I'm going to be delaying the release of my new house music mixtape, "Julian Benasis: The Beginning", I've got quite some work to do on it, as I've started creating new music projects for it, in short exploring different sounds. Though the mixtape will be delayed, I am excited to bring you all some great new club bangers, the mixtape will include collaborations with Julian Targowski on the vocals, and other artist TBA. 20 tracks are already complete! more to come soon. check up on the updates.  :)

-Julian Benasis